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Innovation is more than a buzzword; it's about creating measurable impact through specific mindsets, expertise, and a tailored human-centered approach that combines diverse innovation approaches.

Our unique approach

At Ascendant, we are dedicated to empowering public, private, and social sector organizations to embrace innovation as a catalyst for positive change.

Our approach is rooted in building a culture of innovation, offering creative solutions to complex problems, and developing transformative ideas, programs, products, and services that have lasting impact on people's lives. With world-class innovation skills and a wealth of experience, we bring you not just solutions but the tools to measure their impact. Ascendant has a proven track record in diverse social impact projects, ranging from climate change and recidivism to housing equality and economic development.


Join us on a journey where innovation meets tangible outcomes – where we led the redesign of the U.S. Federal Government's digital hiring portal, increased access to school lunches nationwide, and helped Tel Aviv, Israel create a digital platform connecting parents to 600 new educational support services for their children.

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Our values


We truly want to help others succeed in making the world a better place. The road to innovation is rewarding but challenging and we are with our partners every step of the way.


Imagination is the engine of innovation. We help you open up to new and inspiring ideas that provide the foundation needed to generate meaningful solutions that improve people’s lives.


We will not only help you develop bold new ideas; we will make sure they generate measurable impact because real change only happens when we turn ideas into reality.


Equity is the engine of a productive, thriving society. We will help you co-design new programs, services, and experiences with your community and stakeholders that put equity and inclusivity front and center.


We believe you can change the world. There is no problem that can’t be solved if you are truly committed. We are driven to help you tackle your toughest challenges.

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